Clean your fire place regularly

Prevent chimney fires

There is nothing better than a TOASTY fire.

PLUS a good book to read.

A glass of wine.

And someone to SNUGGLE with.

Life is good 🙂

There is a dark side to fireplaces however.

What if it told you a potential house fire could start at any moment.

Are you listening yet?

chimney damage causes fires

What do you NOTICE about this picture?

Chimney damage can start home fires.

In fact did you know that an average of 22,000 fires occur each year because of chimney fires?


Did you know it cost homeowners about $ 120 million dollars a year in damages to repair them?

Did you know that about 10 people die every year from chimney fires?

What is the answer to protect your home and family?

Regular annual cleaning, inspection and maintenance by a professional chimney expert is the solution.

REMEMBER this isn’t an expense it is an INVESTMENT in your homes protection and your families welfare!

Does your chimney look like this now?

That may mean you have already had a fire and didn’t even know it.

How to tell if you have had a chimney fire

  • If you see cracks in exterior masonry
  • If you see  smoke escaping through mortar joints of masonry
  • If you see discolored and/or distorted rain cap

You have probably had a fire already.

Why wait until the roof or attic catches fire?

Keeping a clean well maintained fire place is a good home insurance policy!

Reach out to a chimney sweep and repair company today so you can enjoy many toasty safe fires in the future!

Shopping for home insurance?

Ask your agent about a local chimney sweep in your area.