Vacant home insurance

What can you learn from this DENIED homeowners insurance claim?

Just suppose your fridge Leaked for 2 Days like Tammy Godby’s did?

The Floor is ruined.

The down stairs ceiling is ruined.

The downstairs carpet is ruined.

IMAGINE having to lay out $10,000 to dry out and repair your home all due to a $5.00 ice maker hose that burst.

Here comes the BAD part.

Imagine calling your homeowners agency only to find out the claim was denied!

What would you do?




Spit nails?

How could this happen?

Isn’t this why you buy home insurance?

Lets look deeper into what happened.

Apparently the family moved OUT of their old house where the pipe had burst into a new home.

The home had been empty and VACANT for 10 days.

It was during this 10 day vacant period that the accident had happened.

Why was the claim denied?

“They denied the claim because they claimed it was customarily unoccupied,

Simply put…

If your home is VACANT without any furniture or belongings then it will be denied.


Vacant Home, Coverage Denied

You invest in a SEPARATE policy for vacant homes.

The problem is that unattended water pipes can FREEZE, burst, leak and cause major damage in a home there is no one to turn the water off in!

The lesson?

If you are moving into a new home…

And your home will be empty for a few days…

YOU can take a GAMBLE like this woman did.

Or contact your agent that helped you get home insurance in Atlanta and explain the situation so they can get you the proper coverage.